Monday, April 13, 2009


I made some phone calls about the illegal alien in-state tuition law that I found out about. Turns out that it is the truth, at least in Utah. (I haven't got any answers from other states yet.) I was assured that there were stipulations involved with this law, here they are:
1. They must attend high school in the state for at least 3 years consecutively;
2. They must enter college immediately after graduation, and;
3. They must stay in the same school for consecutive years until they achieve there degree.

That said, who cares! I have done quite a bit of research on financial aid, scholarships, and grants and correct me if I am wrong, if you are Hispanic and want to go to school you can damn near expect a free ride. As a white kid that grew up primarily in a single parent home, I have met much resistance in my quest for a degree. I can get financial aid, but everyone for the most part can get financial aid. I feel there is an imbalance when it comes to this. In our countries quest to eliminate racism and bigotry we have turned the tables. Now it is okay for for minorities to be racist, I give you Jessie Jackson, and Al Sharpton.

I can tolerate people bitching because they were enslaved, but last time I checked the last slaves in this country died a couple years ago... over 100 give or take a couple decades. GET OVER IT! I think we have rolled over too much for these "minority" groups. If we are all equal then it's time for them to start acting like it. I am tired of struggling to pay for things that "undocumented citizens" get handed for free. Our government screwed up on this one, they got it wrong. I have tried to talk to people about this and for the most part I am way more fired up about it than they are. This is a big deal, we are paying for criminals to get a cheap education. They do not pay taxes, they do not contribute, but we still give them freebies. For a semester at S.U.U. it cost me $5,000 just for tuition, a resident paid less than $2,000, that leaves $3,000 per student in subsidies that the tax payers cover. That adds up to a pretty penny and I don't think we should be giving it to people who are in this country illegally. To those of you who are thinking its not the kids fault, that is true but we cannot pick and choose what laws to enforce, they can apply for citizenship and then I have no problem with them. This is getting long and Kari just rolled here eyes at me, so I'll stop. Tell me what you think.


  1. I'm totally pickin up what you're puttin down!
    Try living in AZ where more illegals show up every freakin day. And the only guy that does anything about it(Sheriff Joe Arpaio)is being attacked by the media and government officials all the time. Even Sharpton is threatening him now! It's so annoying.

  2. Something we can totally agree on. Did you know that Congress is looking at a federal provision that would make this the law in every state? It is mind-blowing that we have such disregard for the rule of law, that someone here illegally gets advantages over a citizen.

  3. Ooh Marlo, I smell what you're rollin' in. Ha ha. When I was serving in Tucson, I don't think we taught one person/family that was a legal citizen. And La Migra (immigration) office was located in the same neighborhood. Now don't get me wrong, I love the hispanic people and I completely understand what they're trying to escape by coming here. I say let them come....legally....but we need to make it easier for them to do it legally. (They have to know more than we do about this country to get's crazy).

    HOWEVER, it's ridiculous what the government is paying for. They don't have to prove citizenship to enroll in school at any age. Tax payers pay all of it. I can understand that at the elementary/high school levels (even with the cost because it really isn't the kids' fault), but come college time, they're adults. It's ridiculous. This country as a whole, and individual states, have huge budget deficits to overcome, and we can't even afford to help our own, yet we'll help everyone else. It's sad. I feel your pain, Devin, but I doubt they'll change it. This country's going down the toilet. We need change. Too bad everyone picked the wrong President.

  4. I don't know that we should make it easier, the phrase "I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it' comes to mind...(Yup, I pulled the Jesus card). They should have to prove that they are going to be a productive citizen. We already have too many losers and criminals in this country. The only thing we should pay for is a ticket to Canada, let them screw that country up... more...

  5. Dude, I don't care how fired up you are, that was funny about Canada. I hope you send that comment to your dad. He'll love it.
    Oh yeah, and the resident thing in Utah is bull. This state has so many problems. I'm pretty stoked to get out one day to another state that has just as many stupid problems as this one.
    Can you change a law if you are not a resident of the state?

  6. I can try, Washington has a similar law as well. If nothing else I plan to make sure that evryone there knows that they are paying for little Paco's education. Blame Canada!