Thursday, August 27, 2009

Its been a while... BACK OFF!

So its been a while since we have updated this thing so here goes. After a year of working towards BYU-I it has become a reality and I will start school back up there in January. It is a relief, I had to deal with all the b.s. that SUU threw at me (I won't go into the details but they screwed me). So we go forward, we have left our home in Chehalis WA to work and spend some time in St. George. We got here last sunday night. Its been great to see our friends here, we have missed them quite a bit. We had been here 2 days and my awesome wife already had a job at a local dentists office. I am working on getting my CDL so I can drive cement trucks for my dad for a couple months.
It was a little strange leaving Chehalis. It will always be home to both of us. The ward there, though struggling, is awesome. We have made several friends there and are thankfull for the things we learned from them. I have left home so many times that its not too hard for me. Some might think I am heartless but most understand that there is not a whole lot going on in Chehalis these days and it is difficult at best to make a living there. Everyday we were there we heard of people we knew losing their jobs that they had been at for years. Companies are moving out and shutting down left and right. We made the right choice by moving and we know it.
I am thankfull for the power of prayer and a heavenly father that listens. We are excited about the next chapter in our lives. Rexburg is a tiny town in the middle of no where, it will take some getting used to, but who doesn't like the challenge of a new town? Kari is nervous about the winters but she will do fine. Thats about it for now. We will try and be better with this thing... no promises.


  1. Sweater Weather is so fun. Fort Collins has better winters. School's for Fool's just come to Fort Fun and work at a car dealership. waaaaahooooooo!

  2. It was so fun to see you guys. WE should hang out more often not just at family events. Don't worry about the winter in Rexburg you get used to the 40 below wind chill after about 16 years!! NO really you guys are going to have so much fun there. You will have to go watch the intramurals and give some great reports on the spectacular athletes!! Well maybe I will see you this weekend. I am running Red Rock Relays I think we run almost right by your house.

  3. Glad you guys are closer. maybe we will see you once and awhile. I see your dad often driving the truck. So if you start driving you will have to honk when you go by, it makes my kid's day:)

  4. Kari!!! I just discovered you have a blog!!! I am excited to look at it now and try to keep up on what you are up too!
    My blog is
    Check it out!
    Hope you are doing well. Think about you often. Love- Angie
    PS. your wedding pictures are amazing! you look beautiful!

  5. It was fun to see an update. Hope things are going good for you guys and good luck with school. Keep us posted!